Environmental Testing

In our environmental testing laboratory we simulate the environmental conditions to which various products are exposed. We simulate the conditions to which electrical devices are exposed during both transportation and operation, in order to assess the products' reliability of functioning.

We simulate extreme temperatures and humidity in various combinations, vibrations, bumps, salt mist exposure and/or exposure to atmospheric pressures.

These exposures can be simulated independently or can be combined according to either the standard requirements or to the manufacturer's requirements.

Climatic exposures

We perform climatic exposures (cooling, heating, humidifying, dehumidifying) in several climatic chambers ranging in volume from several dm3 to 12m3. Salt mist testing is carried out in the 1m3 chamber. In combination with the temperature chamber, vacuum tests can be performed at various temperatures.

Mechanical resistance

Test samples can be exposed to diverse mechanical impacts on all three axes:

  • sinusoidal vibrations at a constant frequency, 
  • sinusoidal vibrations at changing frequencies (frequency range from 1 to 2200Hz with accelerations of up to 100g), 
  • random vibrations with regard to the given frequency spectrum, 
  • shock testing and bump testing with accelerations of up to 100g.

Vibration exposures can also be combined with temperature exposures. Test sample reaction can be monitored on four channels and there is an option to print out and analyse the reactions (e.g., looking for resonance frequencies).

IP testing

IP testing helps us to confirm the level of protection against access to dangerous parts, ingress of solid foreign objects (major objects, testing finger, thorn, wire, dust), and ingress of water. 

We check the degree of protection provided by enclosures according to the IEC/EN 60529 standard with protection levels IPXY, whereby X may range from 0 to 6, and Y from 0 to 8. Individual exposures may also be carried out according to the special wishes of the manufacturer.

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