Noise and Vibrations

Machinery in operation can have adverse environmental impacts such as noise and vibrations. The European directive on noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors (2000/14/EC) aims to reduce noise produced by machinery. SIQ can help you meet the requirements of this directive.

Directive 2000/14/EC covers more than fifty types of machinery for use outdoors, categorized into two groups.

The main difference between the two groups is that the guaranteed noise power level of machinery in the first group (e.g., dredgers, hydraulic aggregates, lawnmowers) must not exceed the level allowed by the directive, whereas the guaranteed noise power level of machinery in the second group (e.g., portable chainsaws, conveyor belts, hydraulic hammers) is not defined, but the manufacturer must still affix a mark to its machinery showing the guaranteed noise power level achieved.

SIQ is a Notified Body under the Noise Directive:

  • As a notified body we can carry out conformity assessment of machinery in the first group because you are required to include a notified body in any such conformity assessment procedure;
  • We can help you draw up appropriate documentation of machinery in the second group and assist you in conformity testing during series production.

We offer complete noise and vibration measurements on machinery and hand-held tools, conformity testing during series production, and quality management system assessment in line with the directive.

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