SIQ Quality Control

Today, when manufacturers or importers are faced with the fact that China is becoming a more and more important business partner and when numerous products, components and assemblies are produced in China, a need for an impartial inspection service is gaining in importance.

For this reason, SIQ has decided to introduce to our partners a new service - SIQ Quality Control on the Chinese market.

Wide range of products

  • Textiles and garments
  • Electric and electronic devices
  • Electrical household appliances
  • Christmas items
  • Tools and DIY
  • Gifts and premiums

Pre-qualification assessment

According to the ISO 9000 standard and/or SA 8000 standard or the client's specific requirements. Assessment of all important elements such as; quality system procedures, production capacity, child labour, staff facilities and personal hygiene, occupational safety and health, etc. Factory audits enable the buyer to efficiently choose highly qualified and adequate suppliers.

Evaluation of suppliers' capacities

Manufacturer's production system, facilities, machines, organisational structure, number of employees, workshop areas, etc.

Documentation review

Verification of documentation used in the manufacturing process and for quality control.

Pre-production inspection (PPI)

This type of inspection is carried out at the beginning of the production and is based on clients' specifications. It focuses mainly on the quality of components and materials used in the production process, on product assembly processes and products of the first production run. Pre-Production Inspection allows early (and consequently cost-saving) prevention of defective components/assemblies and immediate corrections, if required.

In-production inspection (IPI)

Production is inspected when at least 25% of the order has been completed. It ensures that contractual obligations and quality of products are maintained throughout the entire production phase. If recommendations for improvement were given during the Pre-Production Inspection, the In-Production Inspection will verify whether these recommendations have been successfully followed.

Final random inspection (FRI)

It is carried out when at least 90% of the goods ordered are ready for export. Samples are selected at random, according to sampling standards and procedures. The inspection ensures that the production is in accordance with specifications, purchase orders or letters of credit.

Supervision of loading

This is carried out in the manufacture's/supplier's warehouse. The quality and quantity of goods to be shipped are checked to make sure that the right products will be delivered. An inspector may monitor the entire loading process to ensure that the container(s) is in good condition and that the loading is performed under acceptable circumstances.

Testing or witnessing testing

If required, a product may be tested at the nearest authorized testing laboratory or manufacturer's testing facilities.

Current and final reporting

An inspector draws up an Inspection Report, with photos included, and sends it within 24 hours to a client for review.