Randomness analysis, statistical analysis


Does your business process use random numbers or events of any kind? Would you like to verify that your randomness mechanism is fit for its purpose?

The need for a good source of random numbers is very frequent in the business world, for creating and conducting statistical analyses, encryption algorithms, games of chance, selection of team pairs or poll candidates, etc.

The principal source of randomness (Random Number Generator – RNG) can be mechanical/physical (e.g., dice, balls, wheel of fortune, noise diode), algorithmic computer code), or a combination of these.

We offer professional analysis of your RNG, based on which we can judge whether the randomness process and equipment applied truly meet their purpose. The analysis may encompass:

  • a statistical analysis of the randomness of numbers/outcomes (we use a collection of established statistical methods, the selection of which we can adapt to specific customer’s needs);
  • in the case of a mechanical/physical generator, the analysis may involve precise dimensional measurements (e.g., measurements of pockets on the wheel of fortune) and weight measurements (e.g., equal weights of rawing balls, etc.);
  • in the case of an algorithmic RNG, the analysis also involves supportive processes, which are not part of the RNG code itself, but are equally esential for good randomness (e.g., scaling algorithm, seeding algorithm, algorithm of transfer of the random value from source to the “point of consumption”).

We also offer statistical data analyses where no randomness is involved, i.e. for other purposes and on any types of data used by the customer.