If you are looking for an independent report on the functionality of your software, either developed in-house or by your business partners, we can offer you a professional software review.


There are many different targets a review may set out to meet, such as confirmation that:

  • the software actually performs only documented functionality;
  • the software correctly executes any critical functions (e.g., money accounting, unit conversions, etc.);
  • the software correctly supports any agreed-upon or advertised protocols (e.g., communication protocols);
  • the software is compatible with other software or hardware, i.e. interoperability tests;
  • access levels, protection and encryption are properly built-in;
  • built-in randomness (RNG) is fit for purpose;
  • the executable (binary) code corresponds to the supplied source code of the software;
  • the software meets the chosen regulatory framework (e.g., for cashier equipment, measuring equipment, safety of consumer products, etc.);
  • any other specific requirements or goals are met.

We can perform two types of a software review:

  • an analysis of an/a executable/binary code (“black box” review);
  • an analysis of the source code and compilation into an executable code, usually in cooperation with the developer of the software (in-depth review).

In certain cases, we can perform a software review remotely.