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New EMC CISPR 25 Chamber Opening & Seminar

We are delighted to invite you to our EMC Automotive seminar at SIQ Ljubljana and the grand opening of our new CISPR 25 EMC chamber.

As the field of e-mobility continues to advance, the integration of electronic components presents a significant challenge in determining electromagnetic compatibility. To keep up with the evolving requirements of automotive manufacturers, new test methods are constantly being introduced. At SIQ, we recognize the importance of knowledge transfer with our partners to ensure efficient cooperation.

That’s why we’re excited to invite you, our valued SIQ partner, to our free automotive EMC seminar. Our experts, along with external partners, have prepared a series of topics that are relevant for both development engineers and your internal laboratory specialists. You will gain valuable insights into the latest trends and challenges in designing and testing electronic components for the automotive industry.


9:00 Reception
9:15 Opening & Welcome
9:20 EMC Challenges in Automotive Electronics Design


Assoc. prof. dr. Marko Jankovec, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering)

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, new technologies are being introduced, which in turn brings about new EMC challenges in ensuring the safe and reliable operation of automotive components. Automotive manufacturers are also constantly increasing their EMC requirements for electronic components used in vehicles, demanding high performance and reliability. The design of electronic systems for automotive components is particularly challenging due to the electromagnetic environment in which they operate.

We will explore best approaches in the design of automotive electronics to address EMC challenges in the early design phase to effectively prepare for EMC testing. We will also examine the requirements for safe and reliable operation of automotive components and how new technologies can bring about new EMC issues.

Marko Jankovec is an associate professor at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. His main research topic is electronics and measurement system for photovoltaics. His teaching activities include electronics, microprocessors and construction of electronic devices and systems. He also organizes several student events and competitions, including the EMC challenge, where students design and build an electronic device, which is evaluated and ranked according to its EMC results. He has lately received a Vidmar award for his outstanding teaching achievements.

10:00 Insight into EMC Requirements of Automotive Manufacturer Standards

(Jaka Gerkman, SIQ)

The course will provide an overview of the EMC requirements from various automotive manufacturer standards. Manufacturers must comply with strict EMC requirements to ensure the safe and reliable operation of their electronic components.

Examined will be different automotive manufacturer standards, highlighting the main differences between them and areas that require extra attention. The courser will help development engineers prepare for different projects by providing them with insights into the EMC requirements of various automotive manufacturer standards.

Jaka Gerkman is working in SIQ EMC test laboratory since 2015 and he is having a deep knowledge in EMC testing procedures for Automotive component testing. As a project manager for various projects he has been deeply involved in the challenges automotive manufacturers deal during the EMC testing and interpretation of different EMC automotive standards.

10:30 Coffee Break
10:45 Efficient Filtering of Common and Differential Mode Noise


(Lorandt Foelkel, Würth Elektronik)

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) noise is a pervasive problem in electronic systems, causing many different issues such which can lead to abnormal operation of electronic components. Common mode and differential mode noise can have a significant impact on the performance of electronic systems. Explored will be different sources of EMC noise, the design methodology for effective filters, and the evaluation of various filter topologies for efficient filtering of common and differential mode noise.  Additionally, we will discuss examples of EMI issues and solutions and how to apply this knowledge to practical applications to improve EMC performance in your next electronic design.

Lorandt Foelkel, application engineer for EMI situation and power converter design for industrial- and automotive electronic applications. He is the Wuerth spokesperson for EMC seminars and held over the world, since 2005, approx. 500 seminars to design engineers, giving training to easy understanding the EMC problems at board level. With over 35 years’ experience in electronic design, including 22 years in product management for passive components at Würth Elektronik eiSos, he has widespread experience for EMC filter design and efficiency improvement for DC/DC converters. After a study at “University Transylvania” in Brasov (Romania), he worked for 8 years as service technician for consumer electronics then as design engineer for EX (explosion safety) remote controllers.

11:20 Efficient Preparation for EMC Testing

(Gregor Šterk, SIQ)

The efficient preparation of EMC testing is critical to ensure high-quality and reliable testing procedures. In this course will be presented the most important parts of the EMC test plan, key areas that require extra attention and common mistakes to avoid. Discussed will be good practices and how to prepare the test plan that can be clearly understood by the test engineers.

Gregor Šterk is a Product Manager for Automotive component testing at SIQ. With more than 15 years of experience in EMC testing, Gregor is an expert in testing automotive components according to different automotive standards. He began his work at SIQ during his study at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, and since then, he has gained extensive experience in EMC testing.

12:00 Ceremonial Chamber Opening
12:30 Presentation of a New CISPR25 Chamber and Tour Around SIQ Laboratories
13:00 Buffet

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