Acquisition of a certificate

Description of the certification procedure



We draw up an offer for certification and maintenance of a selected management system on the basis of a completed questionnaire. The form can be downloaded from our internet site or sent to you electronically upon request at .


Starting a certification procedure

A certification procedure will be started only upon receipt of a completed application form or after signing a contract.


Documentation review

The documentation describes the organization's management system. The aim of a documentation review is to become familiar with the organization and check the compliance of its documentation with the requirements of a standard.



Unlike a certification audit, a pre-audit can be adjusted to the size, desires, and needs of the organization. The scope of a pre audit is agreed upon with each organization individually. A pre-audit is not obligatory.


Certification audit

Depending on the standard selected, a certification audit is conducted in one or two parts. The aim of a certification audit is to determine whether the organization meets the requirements of a selected standard.



Nonconformities are deviations from the requirements of the selected standard. The organization receives a written report on nonconformities detected, eliminates those nonconformities, and submits a written report including evidence of the elimination. A post-audit is conducted to assess the effectiveness of the measures taken.


Decision on granting and issuing a certificate

Reports on certification audits are discussed by a management systems certification commission that decides up on awarding the certificate. The certificate remains valid as long as the organization fulfils the requirements of the selected management systems standard, but not longer then 3 years from the date of its issue.


Surveillance audits

The aim of surveillance and re-assessment audits is to check that an organizations till meets the requirements of the standard. As a rule, surveillance audits are conducted annually. Re-assessment audits are conducted once every three years.