New issues of management system standards

Technical and project committees at International organization for standardization (ISO) are renewing or preparing the issuance of number of important standards for management systems.

In September 2015 new versions of standards for ISO 9001 - Quality management system and ISO 14001 - Environmental management system, have been issued. In the Year 2018, for the first time as an international standard the occupational health and safety management system will be issued, however not as ISO 18001 (since this label belongs to standard in the field of information technology since 20014), but ISO 45001.

At the renewal, the uniformed structure of the standard for management systems have to be taken into consideration, so-called "high-level structure", which was introduced by ISO in 2012, in accordance with the document ISO Guidance 83, Annex SL - details are published on New structure of the standard includes new titles, content modules and consistent terminology. This, of course, further complicates the consensus between experts and slows down the renewal process. From the perspective of ISO, the guidance is clear: "at all standards for management systems, a standardized basic structure should be available in the future, including standardized language to eliminate unnecessary differences, increase the effects of integration and ensure the ease of use." This will certainly enable greater synergy, when simultaneously several standards for management systems are used in the organizations.

Standards for management systems, issued after 2012 have already taken into account the uniformed structure of standard, such as e.g. standards: ISO 38001:2012 - Road traffic safety, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information technology-Security Techniques- Information security management system - Requirements and in 2014 issued standard ISO 55001 - Asset management - Management system - Requirements.

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