To measure is to find out.

Metrology - the science and practice of measurement - forms the background to the technical conformity of products and services, which is a prerequisite for economic competitiveness, and to all our efforts towards improved quality of life, comprising health, the environment, food, technical safety, occupational safety, protection against crime, infrastructure, etc.

Our lives and prosperity are founded on credible measurement.

Why SIQ?

  • Apart from the services we provide, our experienced professional staff can help you formulate your requirements, organize and control your measuring equipment, and solve complex measurement-related problems.
  • World-wide recognition and one of the broadest accredited calibration scopes among European laboratories, including, but not limited to, electrical, telecommunications, acoustic, and vibration measuring equipment.
  • More than 45 years of experience with demanding measuring equipment in the most diverse fields.
  • Our service is complete (one-stop service), which is especially important in complex measuring instruments that are prevalent in our time.
  • Short response times, including the consideration of your priorities and provision of services on-site as far as our technical capabilities allow.
  • We give priority to personal contact and partnership.