Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Ordering procedure for calibration:

  • Your enquiries or orders can be placed by phone + 386 1 4778 300, fax +386 1 4778 303, or e-mail to They should include a clearly stated scope of the ordered service, basic data about each measuring instrument (manufacturer, type, and, as far as possible, characteristics and modes of operation), and preferred date and place for the provision of the ordered service. If a measuring procedure allows it, we can provide the service at your location.
  • After the receipt of your enquiry or order, we will send you our offer with the stated date for the provision of the ordered service. If feasible, we will provide our service at the location stated in your enquiry. The price for the provision of the ordered service depends on the complexity of the instrument and the scope of work.
  • After the receipt of your order form with the number of our offer stated on it, or after the receipt of the order form sent to you in the enclosure to our offer, we will book the agreed date for the provision of the service and send you a confirmation of your order, including the specification of the entire order.
  • Measuring instruments, including pertinent documentation and equipment, should be delivered at least one working day prior to the agreed date for the provision of the ordered service to SIQ, Reception Office (ground floor) at Tržaška 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 7 am and 3, except in the case the service will be provided at your location.
  • As soon as we inform you that we have completed the ordered service, you can collect the delivered measuring instruments, documentation and equipment.
  • Pertinent documents (Calibration certificates) will be sent to you as soon as the invoice has been settled.

In order to avoid misunderstanding or confusion, we highly recommend that you read the following two documents before you place an order for any of the above mentioned services: