Opening of SIQ new business premises

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, we enjoyed the performance of the dance group EnKnapGroup to the bioacoustic music of Boštjan Perovšek. The event was moderated by Igor E. Bergant.

Ljubljana, 11 October 2017 – By opening its new business premises, Slovenian Institute of Quality of Metrology (SIQ) has brought all its activities under the same roof. Such a wide range of testing and certification activities in one place is not likely to be found anywhere else in Europe. SIQ laboratories are, in particular, an important technological infrastructure for businesses and their efficient performance on the European and world market.

Igor Likar, Managing Director of SIQ, addressed the guests. 

Igor Likar pointed out the following: »For more than half a century, we have been scattered around Ljubljana and its surroundings. Victims of business and professional efficiency and growth. One may have come across one of our units in almost any direction in Ljubljana. Laboratories at every step of the way. So near, but nevertheless far away

Streets and neighbourhoods have finally been replaced by corridors and floors.

From now on, our clients can find us here; there is no longer doubt of where our meetings will take place. 

Under one roof, our advantage to be able to provide a wide range of services to our partners is increasing. 

The world is small for us, while Slovenia is big!

Therefore, we remain a loyal partner to the Slovenian economy. It is our aim to provide it with our support, because we and Slovenian manufacturers are aware that a single day of delay may be crucial in the struggle for the global market.

It is a relentless struggle. Today, it no longer matters whose product is better, rather whose product is the first on the market. The applicants for our services have no doubts that we would be fair and will not intentionally delay testing or certification procedures. We have gained their trust by being responsive, independent and impartial. That is based on our long-term solid status of a not-for-profit institute. We are a proud Slovene institution that has conquered the world. We represent an important stone in the mosaic of Slovenian companies striving to penetrate world markets. «

Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia dr. Miro Cerar and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia dr. Blaž Nardin attended the opening ceremony. 

According to Prime Minister Miro Cerar, SIQ is a crucial but silent companion of the Slovene economy, which by moving all its activities into the same big and state-of-the-art building will further increase work efficiency and speed. »Being a link between a manufacturer and a consumer, SIQ ensures that the products on the market are safe and of quality. The fourth industrial revolution brings along faster development and a bunch of new demanding products. SIQ must keep in step with the times and be prepared for the new products that companies want to place on the market.

Another feature of vital importance is the independence of this institution, which is at the forefront of its operations. It is based on its status of a not-for-profit institute. A business growth, conquering of new markets and growth in the number of employees are all attainable even in an institute not driven by the greed for profit. This institute is not dependant on public funds but lives entirely on its own market services. The market is very demanding, because it is under constant attack by global competitors from much stronger economies. It may be that it is this very independence which is another reason for such strong trust of companies in SIQ services. «

At the opening ceremony, Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia dr. Blaž Nardin presented in brief the experiences of one of the users of SIQ services.

Prime Minister Miro Cerar and Igor Likar, SIQ Managing Director, cut the ribbon of the new SIQ building which, after the move of the rest activities, will become the most comprehensive product testing and certification centre in Europe.

In addition to Prime Minister Miro Cerar, Minister for Economic Development and Technology Zdravko Počivalšek and Breda Kutin, President of the Slovenian Consumer’s Association and President of the SIQ Council also attended the opening ceremony.

150 opening ceremony participants from Slovenia and abroad were shown more than 30 interesting product safety tests. 

The new SIQ building is the work of TRIIIJE ARHITEKTI architecture firm. With no more than a few cuts, the building that is based on standardisation and repetition of merely four elements, was transformed in a unique homogeneous structure with a wide range of activities.

The opening ceremony was titled »It (all) matters!«, bringing together science, art, and architecture. If it’s true that today science explains things that will be produced tomorrow, art envisions what science may be able to explain tomorrow. 

To this end, and with the help of the Kapelica Gallery and internationally renowned artists, we exhibited in our new premises ten extraordinary pieces of modern art. 

TRIVIAL MOTION: Jochen Zeirzer
Trivial Motion is a collection of machines combining robots and moving images, each imitating natural movement as well as illustrating the principles of reverse engineering as explicitly as possible. By imitating banal and daily movements, the author creates poetic, humorous, and ironic situations that could easily be marked as senseless and absurd. These robotic approximations create a projection surface to think about technology, as well as the relationship between humans and machines.

MYCOPHONE_UNISON: Saša Spačal, dr. Mirjan Švagelj, Anil Podgornik
Mycophone_unison in the space-time of multiplicities serves as a navigation tool. A sound map of intra-action between three microbiomes of the bodies of its authors and the viewer. By pressing the fingerprint, the viewer sends a signal to the map that processes it through the central celestial plate to the microbiomes that modulate it as a sound of unison. For one brief moment, the multiplicities of the authors are heard as one in the here and now.

You are invited to visit us in our new business premises located at Mašera-Spasićeva ulica 10  in Ljubljana, Slovenia.