CB Certificates

The IECEE CB Scheme is an international system for mutual recognition of test reports dealing with electrical and electronic product safety. It is a multilateral agreement among participating countries and certification bodies (members of the scheme). SIQ is both a recognized National Certification Body (NCB) and a recognized Testing Laboratory (CBTL) in the CB Scheme.

A CB Certificate is a document utilized by the members of the CB Scheme to confirm that a product has been tested and is in compliance with the requirements of the relevant IEC standard. On the basis of positive test results, SIQ grants a CB Certificate of Conformity and a pertinent CB Test Report.

A manufacturer with a CB Test Report issued by one of the CB Scheme National Certification Bodies can obtain national certification in all other CB Scheme member countries.

Manufacturers can add onto the procedure for obtaining a CB Certificate of Conformity within the CB-FCS Scheme, enabling them to obtain national certificates of other CB-FCS Scheme member countries in a simpler way. On the basis of positive test results and factory inspection, SIQ grants a Conformity Assessment Certificate (CAC) and a Conformity Assessment Report (CAR).

The IECEE CB Scheme also covers electromagnetic compatibility. The procedure for obtaining a CB EMC Certificate is identical to the procedure for obtaining a CB Certificate.

For further information on the CB Scheme, please visit www.iecee.org.