Information for customers

CP206E, Certification of products [Initiates file downloadPDF]

GN007AE, General terms and condtions for the provision of services [Initiates file downloadPDF]

GN007BE, Special terms and conditions for the provision of product testing and certification services [Initiates file downloadPDF]

CR105E, Appeals against the Decisions taken by the Certification Commission, Notified Body and Inspection Body (Initiates file downloadPDF)

CR302E, Rules on the use of conformity marks for products (Initiates file downloadPDF)

SN044, Agreement on using SIQ on-line customer portal [Initiates file downloadWord or Initiates file downloadPDF]

TN4001E, Application form for product testing and certification [Initiates file downloadWord or Initiates file downloadPDF]

TN4002, Identity declaration [Initiates file downloadPDF]

TN4003, Statement for identification [Initiates file downloadPDF]