Machinery Safety

Machinery is everywhere we go these days. Manufacturers, retailers, and users want the machinery to be safe and in compliance with legal requirements. At SIQ, we can help your machinery be compliant with the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Services for Manufacturers

SIQ is an accredited testing laboratory and certification body for machinery and a notified body under Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Our “one-stop shop” service covers everything your machinery or safety component needs to be sold on the European market: we can assist you even during the design phase of machinery; we can issue the necessary certificates and test reports and, where appropriate, help you obtain the necessary national certificates. In cases of hazardous machinery, we carry out EC-type tests or full quality assurance system assessments in line with the Machinery Directive.

Our laboratories provide the following services:

  • Assessment and measurement of mechanical and electrical safety in line with the requirements of relevant standards and Machinery Directive;
  • Testing of electromagnetic compatibility of machinery;
  • Measurement of noise emissions and vibrations;
  • Assistance in selecting the requirements of technical regulation and standards;
  • Assistance in writing technical documentation;
  • Risk assessment evaluation;
  • Training on EU legislation and the requirements for CE marking.

Services for Importers and Retailers

Our familiarity with the EU technical legislation allows us to review the required documentation on the machinery and assess its compliance with the essential safety requirements. Our staff can assist you in selecting the procedures and requirements of the technical legislation, using appropriate standards, and writing the appropriate technical documentation.

Services for Users

We check whether the machinery you intend to use is safe enough from the viewpoint of mechanical and electrical safety, and if all legal requirements for putting the machinery into operation have been met. Likewise, we can assess machinery in operation for which you need assurance of its ongoing safety after it has been upgraded or experienced a change in operating conditions. We assist you in importing new or used machinery and conduct a review of machinery in use (work equipment) within the framework of the legislation on occupational health and safety.

We are aware that the wide range of machinery designed by our predecessors has enabled us to reach our present stage of development. It is our obligation to future generations to facilitate the development of even better and safer machinery.

Noise and Vibrations