Argentina || International Approvals

Technical information

  • Voltage and frequency:

220 V, 50 Hz

  • Plug:

C (Class I - IRAM 2073)

I (Class II - IRAM 2063)

IRAM (Instituto Argentino de Normalización y certificación) is the national certification body for Argentina, established in 1935.


Mandatory certification is required for most electric and electronic appliances. According to the resolution all electric and electronic products operating up to 1000 V AC or 1500 V DC, with power consumption rated up to 5 KVA, and installations materials rated up to 63 A, require to be safety certified.

The exemptions are following electrical and electronic equipment designed for use below 50V with an autonomous power source (batteries) for which the certification is mandatory:

  • Luminaries and luminary supply systems powered by sources connected to mains;
  • Diachronic lamps and their lamp holders;
  • Hand-held power tools battery operated;
  • Electric fences;
  • Electric muscle stimulators used for fitness activities.

Type of Approvals and Markings

Mark Certification (Also called Safety Mark Certification):

  • IRAM Safety Mark


  • IRAM Mark of Conformity with manufacturing


  • IRAM Mark of Conformity with IRAM standard


Type Certification 


Lot Certification 


SIQ Services

The mutual agreement, which SIQ has signed with IRAM simplifies the certification process and allows applicants to obtain faster IRAM certificates.