China || International Approvals

Technical information

  • Voltage and frequency:

220 V, 50 Hz

  • Plug:

A (Class II)

C (Class II)

I (Class I)

GB 1002

GB 1003

Products entering the country are held at customs and required to be certified by national certification bodies, like CQC, CEMC or similar, according to the applicable Chinese national (GB) and industrial standards.


Products listed in the catalogue of CNCA are not allowed to be manufactured, imported and sold without certificate issued by the authorised third-party certification body or without certification mark according to the regulation. These safety standards applied to electrical and electronic standards are usually adoptions of IEC standards with some Chinese deviations.

CNCA Implementation rules for compulsory certification of electrical and electronic products describe the certification process, requirements for certification including also factory quality assurance ability requirements and use of compulsory certification mark. CB test report is acceptable for safety concern, but EMC must be tested in China accredited laboratory.

Type of Approvals and Markings

China Compulsory Certificate (CCC)

SIQ Services

SIQ cooperates with different agencies around the world in order to help customers at obtaining required CCC approvals for China market.