South Africa || International Approvals

Technical information 

  • Voltage and frequency:

230 V, 50 Hz

  • Plug:

C (Class II)

D (Class I)

M (Class I)

N (Class I)

NRCS is now taking the responsibility for compulsory safety compliance of the electrical products, which intends to be put in the South Africa market and SABS is responsible for the South Africa national standards, product and management system certification and trainings. SABS is also issuing EMC certificates of compliance, when required.


Letter of Authority (LOA) mandatory safety process by NRCS is required for most electric and electronic appliances, which fall in the scope of compulsory specification list. The list is published on the NRCS website. Most likely, the products which fall in the scope of IEC 60335, IEC 60950 and IEC 60065 are subject to mandatory approval. An important fact is, that non South African companies must apply trough a South African agent.

Type of Approvals and Markings

Mandatory certification in South Africa is so called Letter of Authority – LOA and no special marking is required. 

SIQ Services

SIQ cooperates with NRCS in order to help customers at obtaining required approvals for South Aftica.