What is the CCA EMC mark?

The CCA EMC certification mark affixed to an electrical device proves that the device complies with the European standards for electromagnetic compatibility.

It is an assurance that the product has been type tested by an independent institution that is a signatory to the CCA EMC Agreement, and that the manufacturing process is also subject to control.

This guarantees a high level of quality of the device with respect to meeting the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility.

Agreement signatories 

Why use the CCA EMC mark?

The CCA EMC mark demonstrates the conformity of a device to the European EMC standards. The buyer is thus assured that a product with this marking is electromagnetically compatible, its conformity having been verified by an independent institution. 

How to acquire the CCA EMC mark with SIQ?

First, we carry out tests of product conformity with the latest harmonised European EMC standards.

We verify quality assurance during the production process of these products by visiting the manufacturer.

After granting a licence for the use of the mark, we carry out periodic surveillance checks of the production process. By marking the product with the CCA EMC mark, you assure its continual conformity.

What is the difference between the CCA EMC mark and the CE marking?

The CCA EMC mark in itself indicates that the device has been tested by an independent institution, and that even during the production process the conditions that could affect the electromagnetic compatibility of a device are checked.

On the other hand, with the CE marking the manufacturer's declaration serves as a proof of the device being in conformity with the EMC Directive. Thus the CE marking does not only demonstrate the conformity of the device with the EMC Directive requirements, but also with all Directives referring to the device.