SIQ Checked

There are so many similar products on the market these days that customers are often puzzled when they have to choose one from the many available. They have their own preferences with regard to usability, design, and other product features, and so they often cannot find the right product for themselves. What if your product is the right product for a customer but the customer is not aware of it?

  • How can you make your products more noticeable?

  • How can you tell customers that your products are safer than those of you competition, and remain unbiased?

  • How can you win customers over to buying your products?

Although customer requirements differ from one customer to another, there is one requirement they all share. A product must be safe.

  • Are you certain beyond a doubt that the products you sell are safe?
  • Could your product be harmful? If a customer were harmed, what would the impact on your future sales be?
  • Are customers aware that your products are safe? Have you told them that clearly and impartially enough?

SIQ gives you the opportunity to have the products you sell tested according to the most critical safety requirements stated in pertinent standards (EN or IEC).

If your products are found to meet these most essential requirements of the relevant standard, you can announce this to your customers in an unbiased way by affixing the SIQ Checked Mark to your products.

What is SIQ Checked?

SIQ Checked stands for product testing according to the most critical safety requirements stated in pertinent standards (EN or IEC). The scope of measurements, tests, and checks this service covers is not as exhaustive as that of a full test, which is the basis for granting a certificate of conformity or a license for the use of the SIQ Certification Mark.

To reduce testing costs, we perform only those product tests and measurements that give us the most information about the product’s conformity in the shortest possible time. Under such a reduced scope of measurements and tests we cannot guarantee full compliance of the product with the requirements of relevant standards, but we can declare that there is a strong probability that the product is safe.

After product safety testing, we also check the quality of the shipment to ensure that its quality corresponds to the quality of the tested sample.
A product type that has been assessed as safe bears the SIQ Checked Mark. However, the SIQ Checked Mark can be affixed only to products from the same shipment or batch because the results of tests and measurements apply only to them.

Which tests and checks does the SIQ Checked procedure include?

  • Labels, marks, markings, warnings, instructions for use;
  • Construction (safe use, component parts), accessories;
  • Hazard of access to live parts;
  • Basic electrical tests: dielectric strength, insulating resistance, leakage current, grounding continuity;
  • Heating: in abnormal operation, if possible;
  • Protection against overload, abnormal operation, failures of critical components;
  • Environmental impacts: relevant.

These tests and checks are defined in further detail in the technical requirements for granting the SIQ Checked Mark.

What products can be SIQ Checked?

  • Category I products
    Electrical hazards only, simple products (e.g., installation material, simple luminaires).
  • Category II products
    Electrical and mechanical hazards (electric hand-held tools, simple electronic devices, simple electrical devices, luminaires that do not fall into product category I).
  • Category III products
    Electrical and mechanical hazards, and hazards covered by environmental testing.

Basic Electromagnetic Compatibility Assessment

We offer basic electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) assessment of products in product categories II and III.

Checked for Quality and Functionality

We conduct quality and diverse comparative testing of products. On the basis of favorable product sample test results we can confirm that the product meets the requirements for quality and functionality in line with the standards specified by the applicant. Products that have been appropriately tested can bear the “SIQ Checked for Quality and Functionality” Mark.