International Certification

The global market - a challenge and an attainable goal

In the almost 40 years of our activities, we have developed - with the help of foreign counterpart and partner institutions - a simple and effective procedure for the acquisition of various certificates for the majority of world markets.

Your desire to access markets on any continent is a challenge for us. We open the door to the global market for you, with acquired internationally recognised certificates, licences for the use of common European certification marks, and regular smooth connections with competent institutions around the world, regardless of whether it is a question of mandatory or voluntary certification.

The CB Test Certificate is the result of cooperation of certification bodies from more than 40 countries within the international scheme for the recognition of test reports and results. As a document providing proof of product safety, it is also gaining ground and importance outside the member countries of the CB Scheme.

The IECEx Scheme is an international certification scheme for certification to standards for safety of electrical equipment intended for use in exposive athmospheres (Ex equipment). SIQ acts in the IECEx Scheme as a National Member Body (ExMB) and as an Ex Certification Body (ExCB).

The NTR Document is an internationally valid certificate of conformity which SIQ grants as a member of the European CCA Agreement (CENELEC Certification Agreement). Among the European certification bodies, the CCA Agreement eliminates the need for retesting of product safety, and uses harmonised procedures for production quality assurance with manufacturers.

ENEC is a common voluntary European mark which the members of the certification agreement (ENEC Group) grant in line with a special mutual agreement. It may be granted for household and similar apliances, luminaires and lighting equipment, for switches for appliances, information technology equipment and safety isolating transformers. The ENEC mark on the product enables manufacturers to access the markets of all member countries of the European Union, members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), or EU accession countries.