Testing of Product Safety

In today's extremely competitive environment, product safety is an essential requirement and is therefore treated with the utmost importance. In the flood of diverse products on the market, a competitive advantage is gained by those products with a clearly proven safety test performed by an independent institution.

How can product safety be tested, and in what way can we communicate to the customers the message that the product is safe?

Together we will find the answers to the following questions:

  • What regulations and technical requirements must the product comply with? 
  • What standards must be taken into consideration when designing a new product? 
  • What should be done to ensure that the product will fulfil the technical requirements in force abroad? 
  • Do we need a permit or approval to be allowed to market the product in Slovenia? 
  • How does one determine whether a particular product meets the relevant requirements? 
  • What standards or procedures cover the majority of requirements?

When should you contact us to clarify such questions?

The short answer is: it is never too soon. At the very beginning of product development we have to know which markets the product will target and precisely what requirements it must meet; only in this way is it possible to predict potential changes in the design and development phase and to establish the procedures for proving the conformity of the product in time. This enables us to start marketing the product immediately after the design phase is completed.

Ordering a service

Send us the completed form "Application". On the form, state the scope of the service and your requirements for carrying out the ordered service.

Along with the application, you also submit technical documentation of the product (electrical circuit diagrams, parts lists, instructions for use), one or more product samples and copies of foreign test reports, if any.