Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Accredited calibrations of measuring instruments

Accredited calibrations of measuring instruments are performed within the scope of the accreditation according to the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

In 1996 we were the first laboratory in Slovenia to receive the accreditation by the Slovene accreditation body SA (Slovenian Accreditation - document no. LK-001) for calibration laboratories.

SA is signatory to a multilateral international agreement on the recognition of calibration certificates, so our certificates are recognised practically all over the world.

The calibration certificate issued within the accredited scope includes the logo of SIQ and SA. Apart from measurement results, it also contains an indication of measurement uncertainty and a brief description of the applied calibration procedure. The traceability of measurement results is checked by SA at least once a year during their assessment and surveillance visits. Our measuring capacities are verified also through our participation in international intercomparisons.

A calibrated measuring instrument is affixed a label containing a reference number and the date of calibration.

Non-accredited calibrations of measuring instruments

Non-accredited calibrations differ from accredited calibrations of measuring instruments only in that the measuring procedures according to which non-accredited calibrations are carried out have not been assessed by an accreditation body.

A non-accredited calibration certificate thus only contains the SIQ logo, an indication of traceability and applied measurement standards, and in some cases measurement uncertainty and a brief description of the measuring procedure. Although the calibration is non-accredited, it is internationally traceable. All calibrations performed by SIQ are internationally traceable through our reference measurement standards which have been calibrated either by national or accredited laboratories.

A calibrated measuring instrument is affixed a label which contains a reference number and the date of calibration.

Adjustment of measuring instruments

In the case of a deviation of measurement results from the required limit values of a measuring instrument, and upon your request, we can adjust your measuring instrument, repair it or have it repaired by our subcontractors.

If you assume that your measuring instrument does not operate within the required limit values, you can order the adjustment of such an instrument prior to its calibration. In this case, fill in the form: Statement  concerning the adjustment of a measuring instrument. By signing the form you express your agreement that the calibration certificate will only include measurement results after the adjustment, which means that you lose the entire calibration history for this measuring instrument.

Notice of the expiry of a calibration certificate

In regular intervals and free of charge we inform you of the expiry of a calibration certificate for your measuring instrument, in line with the manufacturer's recommendations or our long-term experiences as a calibration laboratory.

If you inform us of your re-calibration intervals defined and documented internally, we will adapt re-calibration intervals to your requirements.

The notice is sent to you by post in the last week preceding the month requiring a re-calibration of your measuring instrument.