Calibration and inspection of medical equipment

Due to the increasing need to control medical equipment, we keep upgrading our activities in the field of inspection and calibration of medical equipment.

We conduct the inspection and calibration of a wide range of medical devices (personal and laboratory scales, blood pressure meters, defibrillators, ECG, therapeutic ultrasound devices, cycloergometers, electrical and magnetic stimulators, medical lasers, incubators, UV-therapeutic equipment, audiometers).

We also calibrate all kind of equipment that is used in healthcare direct or indirect: defibrillator analyzers, HF cutting device analyzers, electrical installation testers, pressure meters, revolution counters, temperature meters, oscilloscopes, stopwatches, function generators etc.

Why is it necessary to inspect medical equipment?

The usefulness and necessity of inspection are justified on medical, economic and ethical grounds. Since medical equipment constitutes the criteria of the efficiency and performance of health institution, more attention should be devoted to the inspection of this equipment and part of financial resources should be spent on its periodic preventive inspection. The necessity of inspection applies especially to the equipment that is in a direct contact with a patient or can affect a patient's health or treatment.

Faulty medical devices can be the cause of false diagnoses and false or unnecessary referrals to further specialist treatment. These can also result from unrealistic results of measurement, which is even worse. Quality must therefore be given a leading role in health care. Quality is key factor for success in all fields in today's world.
To measure is to discover. Our lives and prosperity are founded on credible measurements.

Note of the expiry of calibration certificate or inspection report

Regularly and free of charge we inform you of the expiry of calibration or verification of your medical equipment in line with the manufacturer's recommendations or the rules that constituted the basis for verification of your equipment.

If you inform us of your re-calibration intervals defined and documented internally, we will adapt re-calibration intervals to your requirements.

The notice is sent to you by post in the last week preceding the month requiring a re-calibration of your medical equipment.

Contact: mag. Matjaž Lindič, t: (01) 4778 310, f: (01) 4778 303,