Knowledge Transfer and Projects

One of the fundamental tasks of a metrology institute is also the transfer of specific metrological knowledge and skills, as well as of broader knowledge in the fields of measurement techniques, laboratory work and metrological arrangements.

With this aim in mind:

  • we hold training courses on topics concerning the control of measuring equipment, preparation for accreditation, measuring and calibration procedures, measurement uncertainty, etc.;
  • we cooperate with laboratories in organising their laboratories, preparing work procedures, conducting internal audits; 
  • we tackle more complex projects and look for complete solutions in the fields of measuring techniques, technical surveillance, etc.

Our projects focus on the development of new measuring procedures, principles, measuring instruments and measurement standards.

Some of our implemented projects:

  • preparation of the metrology laboratory of METREL d.d. for accreditation,
  • preparation of the metrology laboratory of Elektro-Slovenija (ELES) d.o.o. for accreditation,
  • development of the project for signal synchronization of the telecommunications network of ELES d.o.o.,
  • provision of a reserve signal of the national measurement standard for time and frequency to Elektro-Slovenija (ELES) d.o.o.,
  • preparation of the metrology laboratory of ELEKTROSERVISI d.d. for accreditation,
  • assistance to AMZS d.d. – PE Ljubljana in the development of procedures required to get accredited for verification of taximeters,
  • ...

EMRP (European Metrology Research Programme)

In particular, we are proud of our work within the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). The EMRP is currently the largest R&D initiative in the field of metrology in Europe, joining R&D capacities of National Metrology Institutes (NMIs) for advanced research projects, and funded both by the European Commission and the participating countries.

We were the first laboratory in Slovenia to receive funds for participating in the research project ERA-NET plus within the first phase of this programme. That was the first project of that kind, funded 1/3 by the EU and 2/3 by the participating countries.

We succeeded within the programme of electromagnetic quantities, in the field of force and energy, where we participate in the development of precision current transducers and of a numerical method for power measurement based on sampling. Under both projects, we collaborate with recognized national laboratories, such as are NPL (UK), PTB (Germany), RISE (Sweden), VSL (The Netherlands), LNE (France), JV (Norway), INRiM (Italy), BEV (Austria), CEM (Spain) in ČMI (The Czech Republic). Our role in the development of the numerical method for power measurement based on sampling is quite important as we have been assigned the role of one of the leading laboratories.

Towards the end of 2009, SIQ yet again applied for EU funds in the field of Energy under the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP). SIQ is the only NMI from Slovenia that was selected to participate in the following two research projects:

  • Energy Harvesting
  • Smartgrids

This second phase of the EMRP is funded fifty-fifty by the EU and the participating countries. Currently, we are in the stage of coordinating the activities under both projects.

Contact: mag. Matjaž Lindič, t: (01) 4778 310, f: (01) 4778 303,