Calibration and inspection of measuring instruments for roadworthiness tests of vehicles

Complete calibration and inspection services

In our laboratory we provide complete calibration and inspection services for your measuring instruments.

We can take full care of your entire measuring equipment in cooperation with our partners:

On the basis of a concluded cooperation agreement, we arrange everything necessary for the calibration and inspection of your measuring equipment, and can offer you discounts and other benefits that apply also to measuring instruments not used for roadworthiness tests of vehicles.

For the entire measuring equipment of all our contractual partners we keep records of calibration and inspection expiry dates. In this way we are able to inform our contractual partners of the expiry of calibration or inspection of their measuring instruments in due time. Our contractual partners only need to send us a complete list of their measuring equipment and promptly inform us of any changes to their measuring equipment.

In SIQ we provide the calibration and inspection of the following measuring instruments:

  • measuring instruments for measuring exhaust gases of petrol engine vehicles
  • measuring instruments for measuring exhaust gasses of compression-ignition vehicles
  • manometers for measuring pressure in pneumatics
  • regloscopes
  • moped speedometers
  • phonometers
  • measuring instruments for measuring revolutions
  • measuring instruments with a force sensor for measuring deceleration
  • tint reflectometers

In addition to the calibration and inspection of measuring instruments for roadworthiness tests of vehicles, we also provide the calibration of:

  • roller tracks for tachographs
  • roller tracks for taximeters
  • clocktesters
  • tachograph calibrators
  • ...

In cooperation with our partners, we cover also the following measuring instruments:

We have already acquired accreditation according to the SIST EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard (SA: LK-001) and SIST EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 standard (SA: K-002) for the stated calibrations and inspections as a type A inspection body, and received a Decision on appointment for performing conformity assessment procedures and regular and extraordinary verification of measuring instruments for pressure, exhaust gases and weight (no. 6416-22/2014/1).