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Information Technology Assessment

In today’s world of e-commerce, incidents of data abuse are more and more common. Therefore, data security is of key importance for long-term success of an organisation. The best strategy is to prevent potential abuses by properly securing access to data and services within the organisation and publicly available services on the Internet.

An information system security assessment is designed to detect potential threats and vulnerabilities to your information system and the related risks to information security. This is the most effective way of checking the actual level of information security because the same methods, techniques and tools that are used in practice by hackers are used during the assessment. With an information system security assessment you get a clear answer whether the security controls within the information system are appropriate for protecting the business of your organization.

Information System Security Assessment:

  • Is your information system properly protected to prevent you from becoming a victim of an internet attack?
  • Are your security infrastructure policies set up in a way which prevents your employees and external contractors from evading them to gain unauthorized access to your data?
  • Do the users of your business applications really have access only to the data that they need?
  • What to invest in to avoid or minimize costs of data loss or data theft, service downtime, violation of legislation or loss of reputation?
  • Do you know the current trends in information security landscape and what necessary security controls you should implement?

Information Security is no Longer a Free Choice

Increasing IT system connectivity and inter-organisation data flow place the provision of suitable data protection increasingly as a primary challenge. The greater mobility of employees and information spread can quickly change access from “anyplace and anytime” to “anyone and anything”.

Andrej Rakar, Ph.D.

SIQ Ljubljana with its team of experienced professionals in the field of information security performs comprehensive information system security assessments which are tailored to your needs. We perform standard security assessments (automated vulnerability scanning, external and internal assessments) as well as specialized security assessments in accordance with the needs of the customer (compliance with the PCI DSS – QSA and ASV, application security assessment, mobile device security review, review of gaming systems, source code security review, SCADA systems assessment, VoIP/IP telephony assessment, social engineering, and information system audit).

Cybersecurity and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a new method of facilitating communication between participants engaged in electronic transactions. Cybersecurity is also becoming one of the key elements in device management.

M.Sc. Miha Ozimek