Mehika || Mednarodna certifikacija

Technical information

  • Voltage and frequency:

127 V, 60 Hz

  • Plug: 

A (Class II - NEMA 1-15)

B (Class I - NEMA 5-15)

According to Federal Law on Metrology and Standardization (LFMN – Ley Federal sobre Metrología y Normalización), products imported to Mexico need to be in compliance with NOM (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) technical regulation. NOM certification enforces minimum safety requirements.


All electrical products listed in more than 2000 products categories must have an evidence of compliance with NOM standards and also needs to be in compliance with mandatory energy efficiency requirements (LASE), before they can be imported and put into Mexican market. The mandatory NOM certificate of compliance is defined based on used tariff code applied to the product.

Under the Mexican law, the NOM certificate holder is responsible for warranty, maintenance and product liability. NOM certificates are nontransferable. However, a manufacturer that is a NOM holder may extend usage rights of its NOM certification to Mexican distributors, who may then obtain their own NOM certification without additional testing. It is important to understand that when foreign manufacturer apply for NOM certification, the holder extension to their Mexican representative or distributor/importer is required, before the product can be imported into Mexico.

Type of Approvals and Markings

NOM Certificate of Compliance

SIQ Services

SIQ cooperates with certification bodies from Mexico (ANCE and NYCE NOM), who are bodies for controlling and issuing of NOM approvals.