Automotive Industry

Car drivers want safe and reliable vehicles which require as little maintenance as possible. Today, cars are one of the most complex products of everyday use. Car manufacturers and their suppliers must therefore consider a number of requirements for quality and safety of use.

SIQ verifies and calibrates the equipment of providers of roadworthiness tests, such as exhaust gas analysers, headlight testers, tyre pressure manometers, sound level meters, brake deceleration testers, motorcycle speed roller testers, and tachographs used for controlling freight vehicle and bus traffic. We also calibrate multifunction electrical installation testers.

SIQ is an important partner to the entire automotive industry. By assessing electromagnetic compatibility and safety we ensure that electrical devices in cars do not interfere with each other and allow safe driving. The benefits of our partnership are reflected in providing improved road safety.

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Why choose SIQ?

Complete solutions

Wide range of services in the fields of product testing and certification, management systems assessment, metrology, and training.


Our key competitive advantage is the knowledge and experiences of our experts, international recognition and credibility, flexibility, complete solutions, ever new services and ability to adapt to the market.


SIQ ensures its impartiality by not providing consultancy concerning the establishment and/or maintenance of compliance with standards. Integrity, independence and impartiality are our values.

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