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New licenses in the USA

03. November 2020 Zoran Svetik, SIQ Ljubljana

SIQ was approved in two new jurisdictions in October

The pandemic has left a huge mark on 2020, measures taken to contain it have strongly affected economies around the globe. Gaming, dependent on physical visits, has been among the industry branches that suffered most. This situation has slowed down the development of new licenses and markets, many regulators are working from home or with reduced capacity.

Nevertheless, SIQ has not slowed down its development efforts. In October 2020, SIQ was granted two new licenses: a Vendor Minor license for testing of sports betting technologies in Colorado and a license for testing of all varieties of casino equipment in Ohio. The conditions for approval in the State of Ohio included some specific technological adjustments, e. g. adopted CDI database format for a database of approvals, testing of GAT protocol, rehashing with OCCC (Ohio Casino Control Commission) required seeds, etc. A new internal procedure was also developed to check the suitability of all employees working in the gaming department on annual basis.

SIQ is very grateful to both the Colorado Division of Gaming and the Ohio Casino Control Commission for the constructive cooperation in the process. Due to all known restrictions, a visit to the SIQ laboratories was virtual, so were the attendance at the meetings of the regulatory bodies and the SIQ presentation. Besides all the adverse impacts of the pandemic, these practices have proven to be efficient and both cost and time effective, so we are hoping they will survive the necessary measures to contain the pandemic.

Before the lockdown due to the start of the pandemic, SIQ had representatives at conferences and meetings with regulatory agencies, customers, and industry professionals throughout the country.

SIQ is proud to be licensed or approved to provide its gaming technology testing services in 14 U.S. states (Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin), as well as in a multitude of tribal jurisdictions throughout the country.

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