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8D methodology for action management

Effective management of actions is crucial for an organization that wants to strengthen its competitive advantage in times of increasing market demands. We encounter actions at different levels of operation, but the need to find the real causes of identified deviations quickly and efficiently, and to eliminate them in such a way that they no longer occur, is common to all of them. The 8D method is a simple and effective approach to this type of problem. In a systematic way and with teamwork, it helps solve the problems we face daily in our work.


At the workshop, you will learn how the 8D method can eliminate long-term problems and, above all, prevent their recurrence. On concrete examples from practice and through mutual exchange of opinions and experiences, you will learn about appropriate approaches, the importance of teamwork, and the necessary steps for taking appropriate actions.


• Expected benefits of using the 8D methodology
• Approach to the problem definition by establishing a problem-solving team
• Effective search for the causes of the problem
• Definition of immediate and long-term actions
• Extending actions to potentially related areas
• Monitoring the effectiveness of actions
• Documentation needs
• Pitfalls in introducing and improving the approach to the use of 8D methodology
• Case study and exchange of views


Mr Anton Petrič started to gain his rich professional experience in Trimo Trebnje and continued his professional career in TPV Automotive d.o.o. from Novo mesto, where he is employed as Director of the Common Affairs Sector. He has led several business and organizational projects in the automotive industry and performed various professional and managerial tasks. He is an auditor of the ISO 9001, IATF 16949, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and ISO/IEC 27001 management systems. Since 1999, he has been actively involved in business excellence assessment processes according to the EFQM model. He is a licensed European Business Excellence Assessor. He regularly participates as a speaker in various professional conferences and similar events.

The online training will take place in a live online e-classroom. Each day will be divided into three parts with breaks in between. Up to two days before the implementation, registered participants will receive a link to the online training. Participants need a computer with a microphone and a camera, as well as access to a reliably functioning internet connection to participate in online training without interruption.

Additional information: Tanja Benček, phone: +386 (1) 5609 594, e-mail: 

Who should attend this workshop?

  • Production managers, technical directors;
  • Managers who deal with operational issues on a daily basis;
  • Responsible persons for quality management systems;
  • All of you who want to improve the effectiveness of actions.