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BIS: implementation of the new standard mark for CRS (Compulsory registration scheme)

07. April 2023

On 29th December 2022, BIS organized an online meeting with industries, Industry organizations, and other stakeholders. The meeting intended to discuss the implementation of the new standard mark for CRS (Compulsory registration scheme). The following points were discussed during said meeting.

1) The proposal from BIS is to substitute the standard mark of CRS with the ISI standard mark. Products imported beyond the release of official notification shall bear the new standard mark.

2) The tentative timeline is six months after the date of release of the notification.

3) The intention to change the standard mark is to have a single mark for all schemes for safety. Also considering the fact consumers are more aware of the ISI mark.

4) There is no change concerning the registration process of products.

The following concerns were raised by Industry during the meeting. BIS has acknowledged every point and assured to implement this change hassle-free.

1) Due to the change in the standard mark, re-labeling would be required. It has been requested to remove the standard reference from the standard mark.

2) Promoting new standard mark for CRS will cause additional efforts and commercials for
promoting and branding.

3) Industries have requested at least a 12-month timeline to implement the change.

We will keep you updated!

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