Product Testing and Certification

Deadline for UKCA marking extended until 31 December 2024

The UK Government confirmed that it would continue to recognise the CE marking in Great Britain for another two years (until 31 December 2024) giving businesses extra time to prepare for the mandatory introduction of the UK Conformity Assessed (UK...

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SIQ Ljubljana’s FCC scope extended

On July 19, 2022, SIQ Ljubljana was notified by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the RS that its scope had been extended with the following standards: U-NII without DFS Intentional Radiators - FC...

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EMC: On-site testing at SIQ

What to do when equipment cannot be tested in a laboratory due to its size or any other limitations? The answer is on-site/in-situ testing. Even though laboratory testing is always the preferred method, sometimes it is not an option. Equipment ...

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Selection of triple-insulated-wire for use in transformers

The use of TIW (Triple-Insulated-Wire) in the construction of SMPS (Switch-Mode-Power Supply) transformers is something very common nowadays since it reduces the size of the component, increases efficiency, and helps to reduce the consumption of t...

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Safety electronics in hand-held TOOLs

In the past, electric motor-operated hand-held tools, transportable tools, and lawn and garden machinery usually incorporated a motor and electro-mechanical switches. Nowadays, they typically incorporate an electronically commutated motor and log...

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