Product Testing and Certification

Uninterruptible Power Supply system at SIQ

How to ensure continuous operation of devices, despite disturbances in the power supply network? The answer is to use a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) system. To ensure proper operation of both the UPS and the devices connected to it, the UPS ...

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‘Common charging’ solution with a USB-C port

Directive (EU) 2022/2380 amending Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU introduces the ‘common charging’ solution with a USB-C port. This will enable consumers to charge their devices with any USB-C charger regardless of the device brand. By the e...

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IEC 62368-1 4th Ed: Safety standard updates

After the positive vote on CDV and implementing corrections of comments identified by National Committees, TC108 sent a draft FDIS version to the IEC Secretariat for a final review before putting the document in circulation. It is expected that FD...

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SIQ extended its CB scheme with IEC 62477-1 standard

SIQ has successfully extended its scope under the IECEE CB scheme with IEC 62477-1 standard – Safety requirements for power electronic converter systems and equipment. Standard IEC 62477-1 has been developed by IEC Technical Committee TC22 where ...

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Safety of household and similar electrical appliances: EN/IEC 60335, Ed. 6

Technical Committee CLC/TC 61 (Safety of household and similar electrical appliances) deals with safety requirements for electrical appliances, primarily for household purposes, and other equipment in similar fields. The committee also harmonizes ...

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