SIQ Report

Will food safety be an illusion in the future?

04. March 2024 SIQ Report

As consumers, we are very sensitive to all food-related information and have zero tolerance for food that is not of good quality or safe, because we depend on it. Our beliefs and expectations are rather “traditional”, as we are used to...

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Sustainable metrology

20. February 2024 SIQ Report

Regular maintenance and calibration of measuring instruments prolongs their useful life. When...

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European research projects

05. April 2023 Metrology, SIQ Report

The Metrology department has been very active in the context of EU research projects since 2008, when we and other national metrology institutes joined forces in research in the field of power and energy for the first time. In addition...

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Integrated development of product testing activities for the global market

14. March 2023 SIQ, SIQ Report

We live in times of rapid, unpredictable and complex changes in various fields. The future is getting exciting. From our perspective, it will mainly be connecting, digital and electrical.

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We develop through the development of our partners

28. February 2023 SIQ, SIQ Report

The challenges that await us in the future will be increasingly complex. As a result of its activity, SIQ addresses as many as six of the ten biggest challenges of the future that have an impact on prolonging the average lifespan (the need for inc...

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