Product Testing and Certification

CQC: A new standard for Lithium-ion Batteries and Battery Packs for Portable Electronic Products

China CQC (China Quality Certification Centre) issued a notice on 27th February 2023 that GB 31241-2022 for Safety Technical Specifications will replace the current GB 31241-2014 standard for lithium-ion batteries and battery packs for ...

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BIS: implementation of the new standard mark for CRS (Compulsory registration scheme)

On 29th December 2022, BIS organized an online meeting with industries, Industry organizations, and other stakeholders. The meeting intended to discuss the implementation of the new standard mark for CRS (Compulsory registration scheme). The follo...

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US Agent Service for FCC Certification

A new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Notice (FCC 22-84) was published on February 6, 2023, and declared effective immediately, mandating that all applicants for Certification for radio devices appoint an authorized representative in the U...

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SIQ extended IECEE CB Scope of electrical equipment for medical use (MED) category with IEC 80601-2-78 standard covering medical robots for rehabilitation, assessment, compensation, or alleviation

In February, we successfully extended our scope under the IECEE CB scheme for the particular standard IEC 80601-2-78: Particular requirements for basic safety and essential performance of medical robots for rehabilitation, assessment, compensation...

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SIQ is an ATS designated technical service for ECE R10 homologation

SIQ provides EMC testing and certification of electronic components for the automotive industry according to UNECE Regulation 10 and, in cooperation with several type approval authorities, supports you in obtaining the E marking according to ECE R...

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