Product Testing and Certification

New MPE Measuring Capabilities at SIQ Ljubljana

SIQ acknowledges the growing demand in the industry for measuring electromagnetic fields produced by wireless charging and wireless communication. We are committed to offering our support by investing in new measuring equipment. Our latest additio...

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SIQ Ensures Safety and EMC Certification for Gaming Devices

SIQ takes pride in providing support to both local and international partners through the testing and certification of gaming devices. For several years, SIQ has been a trusted entity in ensuring that gaming equipment adheres to stringent safety a...

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Testing Portable Transmitters on Car Components

SIQ Ljubljana has a longstanding history of excellence in various EMC testing areas. As a result, our accreditation scope for EMC is extensive, encompassing standards for a wide range of products for industrial, household, medical, railway, inform...

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Testing of Container Attachments for Impact Resistance on Freight Wagons

In addition to our Notified Body activities for the Interoperability of Railways, we also conduct testing activities in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025 standard. Recently, we have carried out a particularly intriguing crush test on a freight wagon l...

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SDPPI Directive: Indonesia Enforces Expanded EMC Testing Standards for Telecommunications Devices

Effective January 1, 2024, Indonesia’s Directorate General of Posts and Information Technology (SDPPI) enforced comprehensive EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing standards for all telecommunications devices entering the Indonesian market. ...

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