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The Role of Ex-Equipment in the Green Transition

03. July 2024

In recent years, the conversation about the green transition has become increasingly prominent. But what does this mean in technical terms for equipment manufacturers? If we inevitably connect the green transition with hydrogen, batteries, wood biomass, heat pumps, and similar technologies, then we must also consider explosion protection as part of this transition.

Equipment that operates in contact with flammable or combustible substances must be designed to prevent explosions. This is commonly referred to as Ex-equipment. Ex-equipment is engineered to avoid any of the 13 possible sources of ignition, the most common being electrical sparks, hot surfaces, mechanical sparks, and electrostatics.

Ex-equipment is categorized based on the level of hazard in its installation area (from least to most hazardous), the purpose of use (mining, gases, dust), and whether it is electrical or non-electrical. Each category has its own specific requirements, which are outlined in relevant standards. The selection or manufacture of appropriate Ex-equipment depends on the area of installation.

At SIQ Ljubljana, we conduct testing and certification of Ex-equipment as a notified body according to Directive 2014/34/EU, often referred to as the ATEX Directive. We also perform testing and certification within the IECEx scheme. Ex-equipment verified in this way ensures safety against explosions while also supporting economic energy consumption, aligning with the goals of the green transition.

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