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BSMI Updates: New Regulations for IT, Electrical, and Household Products in Taiwan

20. December 2023

For electrical and electronic products, obtaining the BSMI Safety Mark is compulsory, involving testing either by BSMI or designated test laboratories. The list of regulated products is periodically updated, with the list of IT products available here.

Recent changes include:

  • Updated classification codes (CCC) for Secondary lithium batteries, Automotive video cameras, Sound recording, or reproducing equipment.
  • Inclusion of drones (< 2 kg, equipped with cameras, positioning and navigation systems, or connection ports) under Modules II and III, effective from July 1, 2024, under RPC Scheme or TABI Scheme.
  • Digital cameras transitioning from the DoC Scheme to RPC Scheme or TABI Scheme from January 1, 2025.

For household appliances and lighting equipment, the updated list, including classification codes (CCC) for products like Self-ballasted LED lamps, indoor lighting, and Aquarium Lighting Fixtures, can be found here.

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