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Household and frameable gas

01. July 2022

Manufacturers of appliances, such as heat pumps, refrigerators, and air conditioning devices, use environmentally friendly and efficient refrigerant gases R290, R600a, R452b, R1234ze, etc., which are in their nature flammable (A2L, A2, or A3 according to ISO 817). The requirements for such household appliances, such as IEC 60335-2-40, address fire or explosion hazards by performing a simulation of gas leaking on hose connections.

Such tests must be performed under controlled ambient conditions and leakage while measuring the concentration of gas inside the appliance and its potential ignition sources. SIQ Ljubljana performs such tests within its household test laboratories together with our ATEX experts evaluating constructions of potential ignition sources against IEC 60079-15 standard requirements.

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