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Immunity to impulse magnetic fields

08. April 2022

High magnetic fields are not something we expect to occur in our homes or offices. However, there is a completely different story when we talk about industrial, railroads, and power plant environments where high magnetic fields occur on daily basis.

These high fields can cause improper operation of devices and in some cases can even cause damage. Devices need to show immunity to both, continuous fields (magnetic field present for a long time) and impulse fields (field strength changing rapidly).

Immunity to impulse magnetic fields is covered by IEC 61000-4-9 standard which defines a test procedure and immunity levels. Test levels covered by typical equipment go up to a few kA/m. However, tests at higher levels cannot be done with conventional test equipment. This causes problems for manufacturers since it is hard to show compliance to standards for special environments such as power plants. We are happy to announce that in collaboration with a partner laboratory we can perform tests up to 25 kA/m and cover the most stringent requirements set by the standards.

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