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New MPE Measuring Capabilities at SIQ Ljubljana

05. April 2024

SIQ acknowledges the growing demand in the industry for measuring electromagnetic fields produced by wireless charging and wireless communication. We are committed to offering our support by investing in new measuring equipment. Our latest addition is a field strength meter with four probes, capable of measuring electric and magnetic fields from DC (0 Hz) to 18 GHz, with the possibility of upgrading to measure up to 60 GHz.

The most significant feature is the DC probe for magnetic fields, used for measuring automotive equipment from 0 Hz to 40 kHz, equipped with PC software for measurement control and graph generation. This enables us to comply with Stellantis PSA norm B21 71110 F and Daimler norm MBN 10284-2.

We would also like to highlight another probe capable of measuring electric and magnetic fields from 1 Hz to 10 MHz, meeting the requirements of the new Canadian Standard RSS-102.NS.MEAS.

With this new equipment, we conduct assessments according to various international standards, including the latest Canadian standard RSS-102 (Issue 6), American FCC standards 47 CFR § 1.1307, 47 CFR § 1.1310, 47 CFR § 2.1091, 47 CFR § 2.1093 in conjunction with KDB 447498, and European standards EN 62311 and EN 62479.

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