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Safety of household and similar electrical appliances: EN/IEC 60335, Ed. 6

19. December 2022

Technical Committee CLC/TC 61 (Safety of household and similar electrical appliances) deals with safety requirements for electrical appliances, primarily for household purposes, and other equipment in similar fields. The committee also harmonizes internationally recognized standards focusing on safety requirements for household and other similar electrical appliances (EN 60335 series) and, where necessary, develops new harmonized standards for these appliances. It brings together the National Electrotechnical Committees of more than 25 European countries. To give our partners technical support, we regularly participate in the Plenary Meetings of CLC/TC 61 – Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. One of the topics discussed is the 6th edition of EN 60335-1 standard. The EN version of the standard is expected to be published at the end of 2023.

IEC 60335-1, Ed. 6 will address the new technologies being integrated with household products. The main new technical aspects that will be addressed are cyber security requirements for smart home devices and requirements for battery-operated products. You can also expect some minor text and editorial changes, together with the normative references, which could have an impact on a specific type of product. It is important to recognize that IEC 60335-1, Ed. 6 can be used in conjunction with parts 2 of the standard, which are and will be established based on this 6th edition. Since some parts 2 have already been published, IEC 60335, Ed. 6 is already possible within the IECEE CB Scheme.

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