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SCCR Testing for Power Converters, UPS and ITAV Products

21. December 2021

At SIQ, we are facing an increased number of inquiries for testing of Short Circuit Current Ratings (SCCR) not only in connection with the products evaluated according to the standard for power converters IEC 62477-1 or the UPS products evaluated to IEC 62040-1, but also ITAV products.

In simpler terms, SCCR is the maximum short circuit current that an electrical component or device can safely withstand without causing an electric shock or fire hazard for a specified time, or until a specified fuse or circuit breaker opens. We are talking about very high currents (in kA). Because the SCCR represents the highest short circuit fault current that the device can safely withstand, exceeding the SCCR may cause danger to the operator, catastrophic and violent equipment, component failure or fire, arcing…

Together with our partner laboratory, we can support our customers with different SCCR testing procedures and Icc or Icw ratings. Contact us for additional information or inquiries.

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