Product Testing and Certification

SIQ hosted a meeting of ETICS and IECEE expert groups for lighting devices

15. June 2023

This year, SIQ hosted the 18th meeting of the OSM-LUM / CTL-ETF5 joint expert group. The meeting took place in Ljubljana from May 30 to June 1, 2023. We hosted 25 participants, mostly representatives of certification bodies from all over Europe, who are also members of the ETICS and IECEE Schemes. The main purpose of the annual meetings is the presentation and discussion of issues that have accumulated during the year and are related to the interpretation of standards. The topics covered this year were related to both testing and certification of luminaires or lighting devices. Some of the expected new developments in the field of standards were also presented, including the planned publication of the tenth edition of the EN IEC 60598-1 standard for luminaires and the publication of the fourth edition of the EN IEC 61347-1standard for lamp controlgear.

ETICS (European Testing Inspection Certification System) is an international non-profit organization governed by Belgian law. Its purpose is to administer the ENEC Scheme and other European Schemes belonging mainly to the electrotechnical sector but also other fields which may be related to testing, inspection and certification of products, processes, and persons. The main activity of the organization is to facilitate access to the European market for products certified by independent third-party organizations, thereby ensuring the safety and quality of products, processes, and equipment to consumers.

The OSM-LUM (Operational Staff Meeting for Luminaires) / CTL-ETF5 (Committee of Testing Laboratories – Expert Task Force) group is a joint expert group for luminaires (category LITE). Its purpose is to exchange knowledge, to agree on the common interpretation and use of standards, to clarify testing practices and methods, to propose changes to existing standards to the relevant technical committees, and similar.

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