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SIQ Ljubljana hosts the 28th meeting of the IECEE Certification Management Committee

03. July 2024

SIQ Ljubljana proudly hosted the 28th meeting of the IECEE Certification Management Committee in Ljubljana on June 26th and 27th. This significant event, coinciding with our 60th anniversary, gathered nearly 100 participants from industry, National Certification Bodies (NCBs), and authorities representing IECEE member countries.
The IECEE Certification Management Committee governs the CB Scheme, an integral part of the IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components. With 53 Member Body countries and 94 national certification bodies (NCBs), alongside 569 associated testing labs (CBTLs + SPTLs) worldwide, and over 2000 authorized manufacturers’ labs (CTFs), the scheme facilitates global acceptance of test reports and certificates for electrical and electronic components, equipment, and products.
120 000 CB Test Certificates were issued last year, thus contributing more and to the world trade of safe electrical and electronic products.
SIQ Ljubljana holds a prominent position within the IECEE CB Scheme, ranking among the top certification bodies worldwide in terms of annual issued certificates.

Gregor Schoss and Matej Žontar

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