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LED Luminaire Testing and Certification: SIQ part of ENEC+ certification scheme

25. May 2022

We are proudly informing you that on February 23rd, SIQ was accepted as a new ENEC+ member of the ENEC+ Group. Provisional acceptance was granted for SIQ to start the operations in the ENEC+ scheme and as of April 6th, we gained full membership in the ENEC+ certification scheme.

What is new? ENEC+ entails the following advantages and benefits:

  • Future-proof: ENEC+ is based on an evolution model: as technology and standardization progress, the requirements of the mark will evolve simultaneously, and new performance-related elements will be added.
  • The objective basis for fair comparison of lighting products: The scheme verifies initial performance claims and assesses the robustness of product design.
  • Reduced costs related to tenders: No need for repeated product tests against varying qualification rules included in calls for tender. All initial specification elements of LED luminaires and modules are included in ENEC+.
  • Further simplification and cost reduction: Provided by the use of qualified manufacturers’ testing laboratories and the acceptance of their test data by the ENEC+ scheme.

To be eligible for ENEC+ certification, a product must carry the ENEC safety mark. ENEC+ is not limited to LEDs, it is also available for traditional light sources. All ENEC+ certified products are listed in a publicly available database.

SIQ is already a long-time member of the ENEC scheme and now also with the ability to issue ENEC+ certificates, we can enable companies to access desirable markets with globally renowned certifications of their products.

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