Product Testing and Certification

Testing EMC electronic electricity meters

04. April 2022 Marjan Mak

Part of the comprehensive testing of electronic electricity meters is the determination of their electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

Testing EMC of electronic electricity meters is regarded as one of the more complex tests, as in addition to higher levels of resistance, the standards EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3 also require that the measurement error of the product itself be monitored during testing. These measurements are performed in the laboratory for EMC in cooperation with the company MERLAB d.o.o., which provides the necessary equipment to monitor the measurement error during testing. Due to these requirements, the EMC testing of electronic electricity meters is, in addition to complexity, much more time-consuming compared to the EMC testing of other electrical and electronic products. This is aided by occasional additional requirements from the manufacturer, which are generally even stricter than the aforementioned standards.

We have been testing EMC of electronic electricity meters for both domestic and foreign manufacturers for many years.


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