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Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic compatibility is the ability of a unit of equipment to operate correctly in its electromagnetic environment without causing excessive electromagnetic interference with any other equipment in that environment. In general, when establishing electromagnetic compatibility, we are talking about determining:

  • Electromagnetic emissions, i.e. electromagnetic interference caused by a device, equipment, or system due to its operation;
  • Electromagnetic resistance, i.e. the ability of a device, unit of a device, or a system to function unimpaired in the presence of electromagnetic interference.


SIQ is a Notified Body for the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2014/30/EU

We are professional, accurate, and responsive in meeting your requirements for electromagnetic compatibility testing and certification. Our measurements, test reports, and certificates assure EMC compatibility of your product in all important markets. We provide our professional assistance already at the stage of development when we can carry out partial critical tests of individual devices. Our experts follow development trends in the field of electromagnetic compatibility of devices, and our laboratory has a modern equipment.

Scope of Services

  • NEW: SIQ Developed CMAD
  • Electromagnetic compatibility testing according to the requirements of IEC/EN international standards, national standards, and industry requirements.
  • Measurement of low-frequency phenomena (flicker and harmonics);
  • Measurement of low-frequency and high-frequency conductive currents, voltage, and power;
    Selective measurements of electromagnetic fields up to 40GHz;
  • Testing of resistance to electrostatic discharge up to 30kV (ESD);
  • Testing of resistance to fast and slow transient phenomena (BURST/SURGE);
  • Testing of resistance to static and dynamic electric and magnetic fields.
  • Testing of resistance to voltage dips and interruptions;
  • Radio spectrum testing according to EN 300 328, EN 301 893, CFR 47 Part 15, etc.;
  • EMC testing for the automotive industry according to the provisions on type approval of motor vehicles.
  • Electromagnetic shielding efficiency measurement;
  • Technical assistance (technical documentation reviews, use of correct standards, interpretation of national legislation and provisions, and similar);
  • Training on legislation and standardisation.

EMC test equipment calibration

SIQ is specialized for conducted EMC test equipment calibration. The calibration can be performed in SIQ laboratory or in your premises (on-site). On-site calibration is very convenient service if EMC equipment is very large or difficult to disconnect from the system e.g., RF Amplifiers, AC Sources and Digital Power Analyzers for Harmonics & Flicker testing etc.

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