Product Testing and Certification

Machinery Safety

Nowadays, there is machinery everywhere we go. Manufacturers, retailers, and users want the machinery to be safe and in accordance with legal requirements. SIQ can help ensure your machinery complies with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Our laboratories provide the following comprehensive services:

  • Assessment and measurement of mechanical and electrical safety in accordance with the requirements of relevant standards and the
  • Machinery Directive;
  • Machinery electromagnetic compatibility test;
  • Measurement of noise and vibrations of your machinery;
  • Assistance in selecting the requirements of technical regulation and standards;
  • Assistance in preparing technical documentation;
  • Risk assessment evaluation;
  • Training on EU legislation and the requirements for the CE marking.

Machinery Noise and Vibrations

Machinery in operation can cause adverse environmental impacts such as noise and vibrations. The European Community has adopted the Noise emission by outdoor equipment Directive 2000/14/EC in order to reduce noise produced by machinery. SIQ can help you ensure your machinery meets the requirements of this Directive.

For Manufacturers
For Importers and Retailers
For Users

We are aware that the various machinery created by our ancestors enabled us to reach the stage of development we are at today. It is our duty to ensure that the future generations will be able to develop even better and safer machinery.