Product Testing and Certification

Environmental Impact Testing

The use of new technologies and increasing requirements for the reliability of products are the cause of the increasing need for environmental impact testing. Our laboratory for environmental impact testing is adequately equipped to carry out various tests.

We carry out simulations of environmental impacts on various products. We simulate both transport conditions and operating conditions in which we assess the reliability of the performance of the products. We simulate extreme temperatures and humidity in various combinations, vibration loads, shocks, exposures to salt mist, or/and low atmosphere pressure. These exposures may be carried out individually or in different combinations according to:

  • International and European standards of IEC/EN 60068 and IEC/EN 60721 groups, the IEC/EN 60529 standard, and similar standards;
  • Requirements of individual industry sectors, such as MIL standards, requirements for the automotive industry, and similar standards;
  • Manufacturers’ specifications.

What do we test?

Mechanical Exposure and Tests
Climate Exposures and Tests
Degrees of Protection by Enclosures
Combined and Simultaneous Exposures