Product Testing and Certification

Quality Control

What is SIQ Checked

SIQ Checked stands for product testing according to the most critical safety requirements stated in corresponding standards (EN or IEC). The scope of measurements, tests, and reviews this service covers is not as extensive as that of a type test, which is the basis for granting a Certificate of Conformity or a license for the use of the SIQ Certification Mark.

To reduce the cost and get as much information as possible about the conformity of the product in the shortest time possible, we perform only a portion of tests and measurements from the whole range. These measurements and tests do not guarantee complete compliance of the product with the requirements of the applicable standards and technical legislation; however, it is highly probable that the product is safe.

After successfully performed tests, we also perform a quality control of the shipment to ensure it corresponds to the sample tested.

A product type that successfully passes the assessment obtains the SIQ Checked mark. This assessment only applies to products from the same shipment or batch because the test and measurement results apply only to them.

Quality Control

Many products, components, and assemblies are made in China. We provide independent inspections before, during, and after the production. With our inspection services you can reduce your own risk and gain control over your purchases from China.

Inspection Services

  • Pre-qualification supplier assessment;
  • Supplier capability assessment;
  • Inspection based on customer specifications;
  • Technical documentation review;
  • Inspection before the production;
  • Inspection during the production;
  • Final inspection of randomly selected products;
  • Goods shipment supervision;
  • Testing or testing supervision.